A poem-psychegram: May 6th  1989 by Ben Dunk.




In the interlocking devices of humanity

War is a game of instinct and survival

Woe is the result of war

But inclination to fight

Is the perpetual treatise

For continuing life

In a competitive world

Remove the need to compete

And wars will subside.


In the wars I fought

The victors always revered the dead

In living the soldier is cruel

But dead he represents sorrow

Only the sword living in his hand

Demands respect and offers

Devastation to be annulled

Think then of the vanquished

As heroes of their time

Despite their cruelties

Say they took their risks

Courageously, not flinching,

Prepared to sacrifice their lives

For other lesser beings


A Psychegram is a third mind thought process

to attempt communication with persons alive or dead.