Ben Dunk January 25th. 1994.




Drowned out are the shouts

Of experiences of yore

When the policy touts

Become the singers of war


“We’re right on the money!”

Yodel the Swiss bankers

As they revel in honey

Brought in by risk takers


Then the poor look –up

And say in fusion

Let’s to the ring hook-up

And lead us to union


For what are the goods?

To men or women who matter

By a survival state in foods

Or living off false chatter?


All around us we claim

To know about good living

But what for is the fame

That makes us ignore giving


And to know what we know

Of fraudulent promise

Then do nothing to show

We ever care for advice


It is time to up-speak

Join together and insist

That changes must be wreak

In that we shall persist


Tired of ruined freedoms

Only liberties granted

Subjects of royal fiefdoms

And every order slanted


So look-out false autocrats

Inside political power

Idealist new technocrats

Are marching to your tower


Into the justice halls

Round the executive palaces

Through the political malls

Against supreme fallacies


Sadness pervades the people

No one perceives the strain

In sanctums of the steeple

Where decisions are for gain


It is not a “dream’ needed

It is not a tale to tell

There’s a scheme to be heeded

Or to hell we might as well.