Ben Dunk† September 2, 1969 to April 4, 1975.




Matrimonial discrepancies

Adjudicate friendships


The pacifist will revert

When his child is hurt


Inspiration can raise one above norm

Without persuasion


Raise a fist and a guard will rise

Open a palm to restore the calm


A fond cuddle is to a woman

As a filled purse is to a man


Dogged affection of a dog is a dogís life

Oh, to be the husband or wife of a dog


Some of Britainís visitors

May research their incestors


Blooming youth is the envy of the elderly

Position and finances the young do envy


Chickens do not peck each other

Unless one crowds their hutches and close tight the door


When poverty flies out of the window

Honesty enters the door


Inspiration can raise a person above their nom

Without persuasion


Menís a womenís eyes

Do not see each others

In equal lights

And-or rights


Raise a fist

And a guard will rise

Open a palm

And restore the calm

Dogged affection of a dog

Is a dogís life

Oh! To be the husband or wife

Of† a dog


Costs of state are directly proportional

To the applied taxes

And inversely proportional

To public resistance

Providing ambient temperatures remain constant.

(With apologies to Mr. Ohm)




The moment arrives in strife

No matter how liberal and lengthy

Are the appeasing attitudes

When, face to face differences

Into violence explodes

And the most peaceful persons

Will defend their course of life.