Poem by: Ben Dunk. August 8, 1979.




Your mind and mine are not the same;

am I to blame,

for my mental shame?


I am a dreamer, know not who I am:

sometimes I am like Hitler and other times, 

Larry the Lamb.


I live a life of exclusion; habitual degradations.

In my scheme world; feel not pain.

My body stands blows of boots and fists that rain,

on my sore bruised bones,

again, again and again.


Every one is against me;

only I am right and free,

within my mind-locked fantastic world.


I am like a dying tree;

with a soft dirty core

and hard-barked exterior.


I stand aloof and kingly,

No one conquers me,

but, my body so does weaken,

begins to feel the strains.

Illness then o’er takes me

and I never receive the care.


I am left upon my island,

of perpetual despair.

Until I cease all motions;

leave their world’s commotions,

for others so to bear.


The cruelty of those fiends,

who treated me unfair.

They rampaged around my island:

were harsh beyond compare.