The following poem commemorates the 7.0 M. earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010: destroying most of the Capital City of Port au Prince and its environs.


Poem by: Ben Dunk.         January 23, 2010




Poor Haiti fell off the precipice

the solid buildings of Port au Prince

et al, most split asunder and collapsed

The screaming, crushed and trapped populace

wasted in a few seconds by force

of earthquake shudder, cracks, torque and dust


Encased between concrete slabs and iron

in the dark and silent tombs of trauma

the expired and cruelly injured lay

those alive suffering merciless pain

trans-fixed, terrorized and shocked in horror

they cry and tap until most pass away


Oh the utter joy of resurrection

When a rescuer’s scarred-bloody hands reveal

a human body, face and eyes in fright

feeling lost in abnormal direction

and damaged skin, flesh and bone are surreal

Then live but shed tears for those without light.


Completed: January 29, 2010