Poem by: Ben Dunk. – Finished October 9th. 1997.


Died – Princess Di.


Before and After



Encased in a marriage of diadems

Clothes and jewels for every season

But lost love in a realm of gems

Suffering stings of Standard reason


Artemis loved her Seyid

During their chasse they played

Was it improper or safe?

For this union so enjoyed


She, the Royal of ideal life

He, the Romeo of conquests

They looked into the eyes of love

Then abruptly left their quests


Savagely felled like a tree

So much more to finish and do

Time to spend with Thou and Thee

Love to pass to me and you and you


Who steps forward into shoes?

So beautiful, polished and rare

Who will wear gowns that so amuse

A fascinating face for tabloids’ fare


Foreign lands and fellows

Foreign restaurants, boats and bars

Foreign trends and hello’s

Foreign motorcycles and cars


I nostri paparazzi persistenti

E la imboscata un accidente causato

O le Propaganda Sei, sono molti potenti?

Finalmente, il carro nel aria volato






We cannot believe she is dead!

The lowly people screamed with wreath oceans

Against gilded gates and walls supreme

Books of condolences shall be read

Injustice felt mutual in her trains

Confirming their premise, she must be Queen


A sad little group of beleaguered people

Clustered afraid and nodding in front of iron bars

Under ‘DIANA OF LOVE’ gate steeple

Relinquished their patrician wars


The casket spectacular trails through London’s lead-lined streets

Teardrops on pavements confirm the tragic fairy-tale of woe

Eight busbied Welsh Guards endure uniform-straining-feats

Bearing her triumphant before: Charlie, Phil. William, Harry and Bo.


Thus spake the Sovereign:

“….a tribute to Diana…..

…..exceptional and gifted…..

…..I admired and respected her…..

…..lessons are to be drawn from life…..

…..remarkable person…..

…..cherish her memory…..

…..Diana’s family loved one…..

…..thank God for someone who made people happy!”


Please be that she heard the eminent eulogies:

“…..she will live forever in our memory!”

“…..of all the stars, our star of stars!”

“…..for those who love, time is eternity!”


Elton John’s pop piano chokes the organ-pipes’ winds

Abbey candles flicker from the breaths of a billion world-wide mourners

Silent onlookers reflect back as the slowed black hearse shines

Submitting to floral tributes flung from kerbs and corners


Then, finally

Interred alone

On an island

Her legend lives.


Epilogue: She strode manful through a minefield in life

                Gave love, solace and hope to people in need   

                And, prompted political succour beyond death

                For the injured who suffer pain and bleed.