A poem by: Ben Dunk. 1977.




I jump out of my period,

to find the new dawn.

There is the High-Strolle.

There is the Past-Finder.

There is the Castrographer.


For a ride of orgasmic satisfaction in the High-Strolle,

you climb to the top of a tower and enter a tube-clothed capsule;

that is whisked over all at a high rate of knots.


The Past-Finder will tell you,

at the touch of a button,

every thing you need to know of prior,

about your ancestry.

What happened in every field;

your history documented in precise detail,

for instantaneous re-production.


Castrographer’s will tell you your future,

with accuracy supreme.

You will know your pattern of life,

before you reach ladder rung,

and, eerie are your thoughts,

knowing the day you are done.