A poem by Ben Dunk 1979




Ten wallow-wabblers

Sat upon a wall

Smoking curdled cannabis

And freaked out ‘a ball’.


The first one ran from ‘Fuzz’, tripped and went to ‘Sing’.


The second tied his tie so tight, his heart stopped pulsing.


The third drank a bottle of gin and passed out with a sigh.


The fourth stuck his flick knife into someone’s eye.


The fifth ‘swapped’ his wife for half a gramme of ‘tea’.


The sixth fell off laughing from a wall and smashed his head.


The seventh robbed a bank and lost the ‘bread’ on bets.


The eighth grew a cancer from smoking cigarettes.


The ninth contracted syphilis from sleeping with a whore.




The tenth saw their uselessness and opted for the door.