Poetic prose by: Ben Dunk. 1976


A true story of a circumstance in the REAL world.


In England after the 2nd. World War; the Government built a new city called Leigh Park: comprising 45,000 people, but no public toilet facilities. Shops denied the use to the public of their own conveniences.




The big store was packed with customers,

The check out queue was stopped

And a grubby faced little boy tugged at his mother’s dress

“Please mummy, I want to go Mummy; I must go ‘wee-wee’ Mummy!

His voice vibrant and urgent.

“You’ll have to wait” She replied;

“Can’t you see, I’ve got to keep my place”

“Mummy, Mummy, Mummy – I can’t wait – I’ll

have to go in my trousers – boo-hoo, boo-hoo! “ He sobbed.

With agitated limbs and legs crossing rapidly.

“Oh, very well, very well “  She cried, with a hiss

“You little wretch, run out side and go in the baby’s pram”

Then, as he dodged in panic through the shopping throng,

His mother shouted after, strong;

“and, mind yer farver’s fish!”.