A poem by: Ben Dunk. 1967.




Tell us more of equality;

        the hallowed state dreamed of:

when, the feminine problems of standing to urinate

are overcome, and, even God must be male, and, female.


Converts compel us to conquer injustice and prejudice,’

proclaimed to obviate the realms of endeavour

and decimate the progress of pulchritude,

followed by processions of illiterate pagans in the past.

Now, continued by different modern political opponents

of enforced matriarchal ‘humilitude’.


Look out man!;

here cometh the invasion of private masculine games,

to satiate the rising tide of clamouring well educated-barren misses.

bent upon taking their rightful places at the drawing boards and bazookas;

giving their all to mental and muscular prowess.

Then, being pregnant to find;

new birth of all kinds;

difficult and defenceless,

without man.