Hi Daniel and Georgina,

Hope you might approve of this poem; it may get tweaked a bit before the wedding but I wanted to let you have it in case to read it I am not there. I should say that we have every intention of being there but who knows the ‘calling cards’ of the Cosmos?

Trust you are both well?



Began July 2009.


A poem by Ben Dunk for the Wedding of Daniel and Georgina.


True Love is:


within us

there for all of us


mutual admiration

a feeling of oneness

electric in touching

telepathy ability

mutual inspiration


freedom granted

crying together

laughter in extant

not jealous ever

locking eyes and smiling

day and night affection

liking each other

mutual body chemistry

exchanging pleasures

helpful in adversity

feeling fortunate

pleasing each other


being kind always

forget and go on

really try to forget

recognition from a distance

not ceremonious

holding one another

never mean nor angry

mutual understanding

interest in each other’s interests

caring for each other

hello and goodbye kissing