A Sonnet by: Ben Dunk. 1969.




We have a garden filled with flowers

Warmed by the sun and watered by the showers

Where hollyhocks grow as high as a man

And robins nest in an old-tin-can

There gamble I with my love

Meditating on the power from above

Binding us together like two dove


Pausing for a hug and kisses

Dreaming of a life overflowing with blissís

You are lovely and no man could resist

A press of the palm from your fingers

Snuggling up ever so close

Your warm forehead touches the tip of my nose

Mingling your perfume with the smell of a rose


The world goes around un-be-knowing

Of our sanctuary among the sowing

Only birds and bees witness our fun

We peacefully lie there in the sun

Nothing bad to spoil the peace

Or halt the joy of loveís release

When nature shows that life cannot cease.