March 5, 2008.


Concept and brief story board for series of situation-comedies, especially suited to television, including a world-wide audience.  Registered with: The Writers Guild of America. Copyright: Ben Dunk.                             


Title: PHOTOSHOOT. By: Ben Dunk.


NB: Research shows that ‘Photoshoot’ is a generic word, not yet traced to a production.


The ‘Photoshoot’ production company offices and studio are based on Sunset Strip, West Hollywood. It is an organization that manages and produces photo shoots of all still and movie genre and classes, in their own base studio and anywhere in the World. NB: It could be based in London or any other suitable part of the World.


Local Sunset Strip entertainment scene is used a lot; especially for leisure off-work times. Locales include: clubs, comedy houses, restaurants, hotels and etc. Hollywood sign scene as background logo


Particularly for public interests, here follow some possible distant locations and notable photo shoots: fashion-runway shows, girlie and men’s calendars, Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, Acropolis, Chinese Forbidden City, Chinese Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Pyramids, Beach of Pamplonne, Cote d’azur, France, (A nudist Beach). Mountain ski resort (Girls and men on slopes and in hot tubs), Hawaii (Girls and men on the beach surfing, water skiing, swimming pools and etc.) Cruise ships (Photo shoots on board (Hot tubs, pools and dancing). Beauty contests. Cheerleaders’ lives. Photo shoots to publicize a feature film or a TV show. Involvement of clothes designers; IE: Versace, Yves San Laurent and Victoria’s Secret.


Suggested characters:

Walter Freedman, Director. Married to loyal-moral wife Lots-Lottie, with two teenage daughters, Bryony (Studious girl), Natasha (Party girl), Residences in Beverly Hills and Malibu A flirt and sometimes philanderer. Strong personality. Thinks he knows everything. Manipulator, secretive and devious. ‘House’ type but sexier.

Cyril Ponsonby, Cameraman/photographer. Gay. Lives in West Hollywood. Very expressionistic in the manner of ‘Frank’ in ‘Father of the Bride’ and similar in the direction of scene arrangement and presentation by models. Snazzy dresser and wears make up. Fitness freak with body to go with it. Has masculine partner: Garry Wilcox. New Yorker with the accent. He visits the sets to check up on Cyril.

Nicola Woo. Obedient Assistant to Director. Asian descent and looks. Quite alluring. Emotional. Dresses provocatively. Efficient. Dotes on the Director with little response. He uses her intensively.

Liz Atwater. English girl with the accent. Casting and general organizer. Blonde and blue eyed. Carry’s her Siamese kitty-pussy cat to work (This animal sits up to lunch in a child’s high chair). Somewhat Butch. May have partner? Always neatly dressed. Multi-lingual. The Director comes on to her but is constantly repulsed,

Cynthia Hunter. Front office receptionist. Valley type. Over chatty. Simple view on everything. Dumb and unconscious metaphorical humor (“Why all the boys like me, I can’t conceive!) Dark eyed and hair beauty. Speaks Spanish. Great boobs which are always well exposed and viewed by male visitors, with pleasure, fixation and comments.(“Bubbling over! Bustin’ day today!” Etc.).

Tyrone White. The general protector and bouncer when needed. Scene-shifter. Large and good humored joker.

Has a new joke to tell every day.. Everybody’s friend. Mr. ‘T’ type?


Regular male and female models drift in and out of the offices and scenes. Famous actors, personalities and entertainers visit and are sometimes involved in the photo shoots.


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