A poem by: Ben Dunk. 1978.




Come, come you fanciful whigs

Come you joyous prigs

Leave your solutions to sparing nature

And the reasoning to helpless pigs

Look at the jeopardy of life

Where goes the journeyís end

Why up here in the cosmos

Look you at the trend

For no one knows the lessons

Save those who have led the dance

From grave to perpetual flying

Into the merry prance

For life then fellows and maidens

Carry your staff aloft

For along the road lies charity

And itís pure will to be soft

Anyhow itís no restoration

To be any mans idle dream

But to be a young Venusian

It is the realm of peaches and cream

Towards the whole beginning

See the shafts of light

Spread over the ends of the Earth

See the sunrise rise through the mist

Yes the eons of spectrums

Glow their fine warmth into bones

Yes the Spartan warrior loves the rays


Who is the liveried man

Who is the praised child

I ask all these riddles

For there is the plight of manís wild