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A poem by: Ben Dunk.

Tenth year on – 9/11/2011.


TWIN                                                                                TOWERS                                  

Infamous nine eleven                                                        Swirling desert sand storms

At eight fifty and four                                                       Suffocate stranded fleers

The roll call of Heaven                                                     Showered by failing forms

Crashed through walls and the core                                 And shrapnel from steel piers

Fire cruel and uneven                                                       Traumatized blinded worms

Flashed across a top floor.                                                Christian, Muslim, Jew’s tears   


At nine and minutes three                                                 Shattered planes and bodies

The second vile death flight                                              Penetrating glass walls

Rammed our New York City                                            Imagine painful cries

Thus amazed World wide fright                                       And anguished final wails

Saw some sights not pretty                                               From scalding steels and fries

Flames, bursts and smoke not right                                  And ghastly hot-fire-balls


Those majestic towers                                                      Almost three thousand souls

Crumbling swift down to earth                                        Met unexpected fates

In shattering powers                                                         Caused by criminal ghouls

Destroying proud birth                                                     Of antagonist faiths

By architect vowers                                                          Careless of victims roles

And despite rigid girth.                                                     And relative’s love-hates


In a travelling car                                                              A president so shocked

I heard the news man say                                                  Does retreat to cover

In a land away far                                                             The military is stocked

U.S. attacked like war                                                       Harmony time over        

T.V. that fateful day                                                          In lands where zealots flocked

Showed falling starfish pray.                                            Allied troops go to war


Celebrating cruel success                                                 At this time of prattles

In world’s sandy states                                                     Now in the tenth year gone

Tehran and Damascus,                                                     Retaliation’s battles              

Cairo and Emirates,                                                          Five thousand soldier’s done

Cheers in Islamic mosques                                               Ten thousand in shackles

For martyr emulates.                                                         And a million foe’s moan.


A poem by: Ben Dunk: May 2, 2011.


                                               BIN LADEN DOWN


                               Post script for twenty eleven the First of May

                               Usama bin Laden lost his heinous snake head

                               Now he’s buried to rot in a most forlorn way

                               Banished permanently to an unknown sea bed.