A poem by: Ben Dunk. July 9th. 1970.


After lightning comes the thunder.




The first thunder comes with miles of pristine people

leaving their belongingís behind in their countries

helping raise the living from post-war squalor.


The second thunder grants people

the right to live under their own

banner where and how they choose


The third thunder gives position to people who are pious and patient

for every one of them to expand

and proliferate peace in the minds of many

who would otherwise be beastly


The fourth thunder tries to reform evil doers from the past

and bring them into the fold of responsibility,

peace and mutual sympathetic understanding


The fifth thunder provides priest of Heaven

to link manís mind with God

making communication prayer a reality


The sixth thunder expresses every

wish of the Lord for humans to love one another

working and giving to bring about such cosmopolitan

affection between mankind

as has never before been witnessed in the history of the World


The seventh thunder denounces and denies

all from the Kingdom of heaven

who refuse to yield to the reason of fellow men

They shall perish slowly until they change

to fit the paths of the community

Living and loving in peaceful participation

herein the new plane of life.