December 5th. 1990.


Poem by: Ben Dunk.




Tread the flowers

On the graves

In the towers

See the braves


Round the bowers

Fix the staves

Put the cowers

In the caves


And the dowers

Are the knaves

Hold the powers

O’er the slaves


To the growers

Come the paves

For the sowers

Know the claves


Try the mowers

By the raves

Wise the lowers

Dawn the maves




First verse:

Walk in the footsteps of dissidents; people who have already passed away.

Fearless , isolated larger than life persons, promoting change.


Second verse:

Around acquiescent people, place protection and also those who are

fearful of radical change.


Third verse:

Traditional male legalized with power to give passion or take away

dominion. Status quo at all costs by established law controls.

Busy surviving working peoples.




Fourth verse:

Expanding in knowledge. The leveling ways of new social, economic

order. Dispensers of explanation – aware of “double speak” and

repetitive propaganda.


Fifth verse:

Insult the mockers (wry face people). Excited by transaction and

realization – the suspicious observers. The warrior dissidents awaken