The Troubadour Poets, Musicians and Songsters during the 1970s met every Monday evening from 9 pm to Midnight at the Troubadour Café, 265 Old Brompton Road, London, SW5.  It was two pounds to enter  50 pence if one read or played.

Troubadours Summer 1978 by Ben Dunk


Mike Fitzgerald.

There was Mike

Getting on his bike.


Frank Bangay

There was Frank

Performing like a tank.


‘Spice Girl”

There was AussieTess

Beautifull poetess


Richard Jones

There was Dick’s

Created in the sticks.


Ben Dunk

There was Ben’s

In suit with frayed ends,


Jeremy Fletcher

There was Jeremy

Top photography.


Giuseppe Amico

There was Giuseppe

Inglese infelice.


Nolan Walsh

There was Nolan

With golden sound.


Mahmood Jamal

There was Mahmood

Alienated and blued


Albert ?????????

There was Albert

No water in his culvert.


Ferenc Aszmann.

There was Ferenc Aszmann

Bored to a frazz-man.


Dave Sheen

There was Dave

Drumming in the cave.


Ed Simpson.

There was Ed

Just out of bed.


Lea Long Beach

There was Lea

US ex patria.


Giles Denmark

There was Giles

New musical styles.


There were others

Apologies to them

But my old memory is in feathers.