A poem by: Ben Dunk. September 25th. 1969.






Up and down goes the Sun

Into orbit go the equations

Vehicles are launched by a giant gun

And mankind has the light of escape in its eyes

Reflecting unconscious desires to be rid

Of this place before final destruction is commenced.




May I cajole her to play the game

Or suggest a frolic night outright

Or would she be filled with shame

And close her body tight.




I am lost!

Lost in a wilderness of words

Hoping for inspiration

That will not come

Where are the stabbing

Swords of concentration

To pry out praise worthy phrases

From the depths of my supra-subconscious mind.




We lie in the meadow of time

Reveling in our sweet breath of it

Until our shadow does decline

Into the dust of amen-albeit

What then?

For life’s weary traveller

No peace for him who erred?

Glorious sanctuary for her who cared?

Who knows the calling cards of Heaven

None save those beyond the ken

Of human touch and murmur

Regardless of our earthly fervour.