A poem by: Ben Dunk. December 9th. 1994. 1.21 a.m.




Certainly there is a reason

Why humans learn their cruel wars

It is carried forward in season

Like an arrangement of world tours


Around about some greedy clients      (Elected persons by the people)

Alternate their mean clashing flights   (Volleys of projectiles)

And more unhappy minor pliants        (People of a yielding nature)

Are trapped in barbarous fights


When does the malfeasance of man

Outreach its tremendous zenith           (The end of malpractice in public office)

When will the old pacifist zen             (Peaceful teaching)

Accommodate nature’s plenteous        (Fullness and wellness of life)


Argument that IS the whole truth

Of conflict’s ready cursed line            (Blasphemous evil and invocation of harm)

And most never enter the booth          (A cross on the ballot paper)

To embrace the logical sign                (Correct thinking)