A poem by: Ben Dunk. December 1977.




Cosmic participants fly,

in the Universe

so they say

And, sometimes blue, red and gold coloured lights do flash

in fusion

to thrill the eyes.

Where are the people behind this action?


living and loving on their alien made planet,

in the dark matter sky,

‘tween the pilot star and Venus nearby.


On their travels through the space void;

look you at the pretty sights they make,

twinkling and circling,

sometimes swishing and whistling overhead.

Sending satellites of exploration over Earth’s contours.

Appearing like soccer balls of light,

with concentric lines of black within.

Leaping and traversing with sensitivity unsurpassed;

recording minute details in the Mother space craft.


Like us ?


So, what is their stature?;

You may ask,

well; except their worker drones in grey,

very much the same as earthly mortals;

more pallid perhaps.

Fleet of foot in their own domain,

due to the low gravity

and long lives by the same contribution,

owing to the heart pump not striving.

Such calm beauty and flowing movement,

characterizing their every perambulation.

Intelligentsia far removed from our lair-level of violentsia.


Not yet time to meet and play,

for fear our worst come may.


On November 26, 1977: the following announcement broke in to a regular Southern California TV news program-“Ind Brood Authority: Gillon of The Intergalactic Association:” “All your weapons of evil must be

Destroyed. You have only a short time to learn to live together in peace”. What hoax or truth was that?