About 1978.


Poem by: Ben Dunk.


Memorial to a Saudi Arabian Princess and Consort.


Optional Music                                                                                             Optional voice sounds

Preferred accompaniment.                                                                            as imitated Whale’s calls.

With empathy

                                                         WHALE’S WAILS


                                                         Fresh flowers wed to miss

                                                         Rejoiced in consummate love

                                                         Up rose their sap to kiss

                                                         Then, were slaughtered rough!

                                                         Then, were slaughtered rough.


                                                         Six shots in an Express

                                                         And ‘Death by the Sword’

                                                         Shows ‘power of the press’

                                                         But, the crowd roared!

                                                         But, the crowd roared.


                                                         Deserted lovers both

                                                         So savagely die

                                                         There in God-Royal troth

                                                         No tears in one eye!

                                                         No tears in one eye.


                                                         Happy and stupefied

                                                         Are the Hal Al sicklers

                                                         Of each pretty bud

                                                         Damned cruel blood picklers!

                                                         Damned cruel blood picklers.


                                                         Go home ardent envoy

                                                         With new Musion mind

                                                         Point to the harsh le roy

                                                         Remonstrate what’s kind!

                                                         Remonstrate what’s kind


                                                                                                                            Imitated Whale’s wails.


NB: The Daily Express in Britain first reported and published a photo of this event from secretly recorded sources.