December 5th. 2006.


To: My friend Ralph Waters.


E & O E


Wow! You have dug deep into the Churchillian cognicity.


Revelations indeed; you are a “Winnie Wonderer”, as I, for the man of his time, he was. His astute poker brain characteristic exceeded that of the other ruthless protagonist.


Yes, in his debt we are; the leader of that vital battle in the sky.




Self trained early for the anti-fascism

Until came fruition late in life

He flung his brain into schism

Ruthlessly proving strategy in strife


He represented the dormant ‘sic’ “beast in us’

Exemplified in the island peoples traits

Imagined by Jihadians as the least in us

But they will not snare us with their baits


Post battle rejection by past warriors

In the political stream of favour

Soldiers were dejected sword carriers

And reversed his popularity to labour


Now the Third World War does persist

His prognostication prevails today

We can win, and, win we must

Like him, let us recognize needs of the fray


To preserve our way and not end in dust