War Memories Heard and Felt  by  Ben Dunk,   2002.


In a hundred years two hundred mil.died

The Boer War with its Spoin Kop

And Churchill reporting Mafeking

Turned the 20th. century over the top

Even the Zulu’s did their thing


The ‘iron horse’ came out on its’ own

And hauled tank trains filled with fighters

But the fleshy horse still had renown

Even in the midst of modern mortals

Animal shrieks answered the blighters


The European Kaiser First World War

Saw all horses butchered by battle

No more revered the sleek well trained animal

Standing stoic in the face of heavy gunfire

The air was now filled with winged airships


War machines of metal replaced thousands

Men in muddy dark dead-body stinking trenches

For four years in France fought hand to hands

With cold steel bayonets some with fletches

Designed to gut the opposing bands


This war of new aeroplanes and dog fights

Acid gases to put-out eyes and destroy lungs

Drew reckless volunteers from countries gallant knights

Who returned home dead and-or lying wretched

Almost every family lost a soul to conflict


That was the war to end all wars so it ran“

Falsely stated because it was only the beginning

Out of the unfinished war emerged a ‘fanatical madman’

And fellow nationalists joined “Greater Germany” winning

With the fanfare and rhetoric to jackboot.


By Krystalnacht the message was cruel, loud and Aryan

Czechoslovakia was annexed with shame and moot

Honourable and naïve Chamberlain was bamboozled

Given a ‘peace’ of paper by “Mr. Hitler” the dishonourable rogue

Who fulfilled his prophecy of conquering


Poland was rapidly bombed, raped and pillaged

Plunging Europe into another curdled blood bath

Jews, freemasons and Romany roasted in giant gas ovens

The central European banks rejoiced in their gold

Teutonic companies enslaved pathetic starved children


Then an Emperor took advantage of a sleeping war machine

Causing “The Day That Will Live In Infamy”

And thousands died that day in the island lagoon

Waking up the most incredible war production

This world has ever imagined or seen



Sixteen million military persons

Seven hundred air craft carriers

Sixty thousand air to ground bombers

Two hundred thousand armoured tanks

And three hundred thousand fighter planes.


Finally the fearsome fusion bomb destroyed their ardor for war

The British commando’s destroyed the German heavy water plant in Norway

The US and UK air force bombers ruined the ceramic production in Dresden

Allied armies stormed from the Overlord D day

And the German V2 atomic warhead was doomed