Memoirs By Ben Dunk
A Narrative Documentary


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So Many Secrets, Memoirs by Ben Dunk, is very much a work in progress.  
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Visit West Dean House, West Sussex, England, as it is today, on the web at The Edward James Foundation Website  
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Reference Chapter 17 and Liberator bomber crash
Acknowledgement: I am most grateful to Ken Green, Chichester and District Historian, for his kind permission to re-print as follows,
his excellent booklet entitled:
The Day The Liberator Crashed On Chichester.
Folio 1, So Many Secret Images  
Folio 2: Postcards from Old West Dean (html only)
 Folio Number 3:  Images of Greves Family Farm  
Newly added: Folio 4 The Ancient Order of Foresters  
BEN DUNK - REMINISCENCES, Vol. 1, No.1: Posted Dec. 2012  
BEN DUNK - REMINISCENCES, Vol. 1, No.2: Posted Dec. 20, 2012 Image: Crypt Image: Vicar's Hall  
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